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Athletic Clearance

ATHLETIC CLEARANCE:  Online Account Link & Required Forms

PART ONE:  Pre-Participation Physical

Download the Pre-Participation Physical Form.   The parent/guardian will fill out the top two-thirds of the form.  Take the forms to the doctor appointment and have them fill-out and sign-off on the bottom part of the form.  If you already have paperwork from the doctor's office, you still must complete the Pre-Participation Physical and write "see attached" on the bottom third where the doctor signs off.  Once the form is completed/signed off, you can upload the completed paperwork to the online account which is described below.

PART TWO:  Online Athletic Clearance Account

Click link below to create new account or update account from last year (19/20 to 20/21).  This account must be updated each school year that you participate in sports. 

All athletes must provide proof of insurance.  If your athlete does not have insurance, please click HERE.