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Administration & Coaching Staff


Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Manoj Mahindrakar Principal
Farrel Moore Athletic Director 949-234-5999
Rob Frith Athletic Director 949-234-5900 ext. 16523

Administrative Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Javier Lebrija Director of Sports Medicine / Athletic Trainer 949-234-5900 ext. 16630
Peter Silvey Director of Strength & Speed Development 949-234-5900
Tanya Pattee ASB Clerk 949-234-5900 ext. 16010

Fall Coaches

Name Title Phone Email
Bob Price Head Coach Cross Country 949-234-5900
Robert Frith Head Coach Football 949-234-5900 ext. 16523
Nate Roberts Head Coach Girls Golf 949-234-5900 ext. 16708
Tim DiLeo Head Coach Girls Tennis 949-234-5900 ext. 16414
Jessica Papell Head Coach Girls Volleyball 949-234-5900
Ivan Buich Head Coach Boys Water Polo 949-234-5900
Nate Roberts Head Coach Surf 949-234-5900 ext. 16708
Kelley Glidden Head Cheer Coach 949-234-5900
Hayley Reyes Head Song Coach 949-234-5900

Winter Coaches

Name Title Phone Email
Jason Efstathiou Head Coach Boys Basketball 949-234-5900 ext. 16707
Paul Edwards Head Coach Girls Basketball 949-234-5900
Lalo Ozuna Head Coach Boys Soccer 949-234-5900
Farrel Moore Head Coach Girls Soccer 949-234-5999
Ivan Buich Head Coach Girls Water Polo 949-234-5900

Spring Coaches

Name Title Phone Email
Bret LeVier Head Coach Baseball 949-234-5900 ext. 16409
Nate Roberts Head Coach Boys Golf 949-234-5900 ext. 16708
Dennis Lafreniere Head Coach Boys Lacrosse 949-234-5900
Michael Welter Head Coach Girls Lacrosse 949-234-5900
Tyler Deshon Head Coach Softball 949-234-5900
Rod Snyder Head Coach Boys Swim 949-234-5900
Christina Santala Head Coach Girls Swim 949-234-5900
Tim DiLeo Head Coach Boys Tennis 949-234-5900 ext. 16414
Rob Summers Head Coach Track & Field 949-234-5900 ext. 16202
Garry Currier Head Coach Boys Volleyball 949-234-5900