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There are two parts to the Athletic Clearance Process:

1.  Online student profile at

There must be a new or updated online student profile at  Returning athletes must update their accounts to reflect the 2018-2019 school year.  This account must be updated each year of sports participation.  Store the password or use the "forgot my password" option to update the online profile.

Athletic Clearance Packet – 2 pages:

Page 1 - Athletic Clearance Form:

  1. The parent, student & emergency contact information & parent signature.
  2. Heath History - self reported medical information.
  3. Physical Exam information from the doctor.  If you already have a physical, you may write: "see attached physical" in the physical exam area.  Per district regulations, physicals are good for only one year and must cover the entire season of sport in which the athlete participates.

Page 2 - Insurance Verification Form:

Include the athlete’s name, parent signature & a clear copy of the medical insurance card.  If you do not have the required medical coverage, you may purchase the required insurance at  If purchased online, an insurance card will be available to you immediately. 


Summer Camp Athletes that did not participate in Sports Physical Night on May 31:

Turn in a copy of your Athletic Clearance Form and Insurance Verification Form to your coach prior to participating in summer sports activities. The required online account must be created or updated prior to participation.  Complete at


Athletes in Fall Sports – Please Note:

Fall sport athletes must have a new or updated (reflect 2018-19 school year) completed profile on NO LATER THAN JULY 27.

Fall Sports include:  Cross Country, Football, Girls Golf, Surf, Girls Volleyball, Boys Water Polo

2018 Sports Physical Night

Thursday, May 31

Click Here for more information

*Required for all athletes to participate in a sport at San Juan Hills.

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